Nelson, Castlegar and Trail Drug Alert

Nelson, Castlegar and Trail Drug Alert

DOWN with high concentration of fluorofentanyl associated with multiple overdoses

Sold as Down, Fentanyl, Dope – Light green, blue and purple pebbles


  • High concentration of fluorofentanyl.

    Positive for benzodiazepines.


High risk of overdose, High risk of fatal overdose.

Mixing with alcohol can be especially dangerous.

Focus on breathing if naloxone appears to not resolve overdose symptoms.

Using in the cold increases chances of overdose.

Smoking is NOT safer than injecting. Take care when smoking drugs by using a little at a time and waiting a few minutes, as some effects can take longer to appear.

Overdose response:

Naloxone does not work on Benzos, BUT naloxone will work on the opioid overdose symptoms.  After giving breaths and naloxone, the person may begin breathing normally, but may not wake up. More doses of naloxone should only be given if the person is not breathing normally (less than 10 breaths a minute). If the person is breathing normally but remains unconscious, place in recovery position and stay with them until emergency services arrive.

No matter what or how you use (oral, smoking, snorting, injecting) take steps to prevent overdose

  • Know the risks when mixing drugs
  • If you must use while alone, consider using the Lifeguard app which can connect you with 911 emergency responders if you overdose. Download at the App Store or Google Play.   
  • When using your substance start with a small amount, and then go slow.
  • Use with others or at an Overdose Prevention or Supervised Consumption Site, if one is near you.
  • Know how to respond to an overdose – call 911, give rescue breaths and naloxone.

Here is a link to download a printable version of the Trail drug alert.

Here is a link to download a printable version of the Castlegar and Nelson drug alert.

When Ketamine is not Ketamine.

Testing ketamine highly recommended for West Kootenay Communities!

A white crystalline powder with the appearance of ketamine is circulating in the West Kootenays. Sold as ketamine or K, it actually tests as an intermediate chemical for the synthesis of opioids with nothing else detected.  There is no history of human use for this substance and thus, we are not able to tell what dangers may be associated with it. According to people who have tried it, it has no noticeable effect.

There has also been occurrence of this unusual chemical appearing mixed together with ketamine. This means that even if the ketamine you have seems to have some effect, there is still a risk of taking a substance with no record of it having been tried by humans.

To see pictures of the ketamine tested, check out the results page by clicking here.

We highly recommend testing your Ketamine, especially if it has been acquired recently!

ANKORS in Nelson is open for testing:

Monday and Thursday, as well as sometimes Wednesday depending on mobile testing hours
9:30-4:30, with a break for lunch from 12-1
Samples can be dropped off anytime.

ANKORS also has a mobile testing operation! Learn more about it here: Drug checking comes to Grand Forks, Castlegar, and Trail!

Drug checking comes to Grand Forks, Castlegar, and Trail!

Did you know that our friends at ANKORS have a mobile drug checking service that stops in Grand Forks, Castlegar and Trail? The current schedule is below.

Grand Forks – Every 1st & 3rd Tuesday at the Gospel Chapel

Castlegar – Every 2nd & 4th Tuesday at The Way Out shelter

Trail – Wednesdays – the third Wednesday of the month at the United Church (with the pop-up OPS) and the two Wednesdays before at the Community Inclusion Centre

Need more information? Call ANKORS at 236-972-7080 / 250-505-5506 or send them an email.