“What’s in My Drugs?” – BCCSU video on drug checking

BCCSU – Drug Checking in the DTES in Vancouver

This video produced by the British Columbia Centre on Substance Use depicts the process of using an Overdose Prevention site that offers drug checking.


Filmed at the Molson Overdose Prevention Site (MOPS) in Vancouver, BC, “What’s in My Drugs?” explains what happens when a person goes to a drug checking service.

Drug checking allows people to find out more about what is in their drugs, empowering people who use drugs to make better-informed decisions about their substance use. In this short documentary-style video, different workers on site are interviewed, such as a drug checking technician and expert, providing insight on why drug checking is an important harm reduction strategy for people who use drugs.

In loving memory of Ben Stevenson (1987 – 2022)


Hot Spots

Strength of down can vary within a batch and even in the same bag.

Whenever a drug is diluted with other ingredients, like Caffeine and Sugars for Down, there is a change of the concentration of fentanyl to be unequally spread through the batch.

Using slow and low reduces risks. One puff may be stronger than the previous one!

Staggering doses may not give as much of a rush, but it helps prevent overdosing.

As an example, multiple light blue down  samples were tested in Penticton this week. They all presented the same composition: Caffeine, Erythritol and Fentanyl. The big difference was that they ranged in concentration from 15% all the way to 35%!

Down of all colors can vary in strength.

Get your drugs checked!