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Drug Checking Report for Interior Health – November 2022 – BCCSU

The BCCSU publishes Provincial and regional monthly reports that summarize drug checking results. Here is the November 2022 report from samples collected by Drug Checking Sites across the Interior Health region.

Key Findings

• In November, a total of 318 drug checks were performed by services offering FTIR drug checking in the Interior Health region.
• The percentage of opioids testing positive for benzodiazepines in the region remained high at 65.5% (112 of 171 samples). Trends may be hard to infer due the large geographic region, and the true rate may be higher than reported here because benzodiazepines, and benzodiazepine-like substances like etizolam, may be missed by drug checking technologies.
• Bromazolam was the most frequent benzodiazepine detected by FTIR, found present in 4 opioid samples

Find the full report here.