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ANKORS Nelson – Drug Checking Report – Week of October 11, 2021

This week at ANKORSĀ  I tested one down sample that contained Noscapine, according to the FTIR results. No other components could be detected in this sample, although it did test positive for fentanyl using fentanyl test strips. Noscapine is an antitussive (cough-suppressant) derived from the opium poppy. It lacks significant euphoric, hypnotic or analgesic effects, and has a low addictive potential.
With the technology available at ANKORS, I cannot determine the presence of other components
that may have been present at trace amounts in the sample.

While drug checking can help reduce the risk of using drugs by allowing users to make
better informed decisions, please recognize that the use of FTIR spectrometry and test
strips has limitations. Notably, the FTIR cannot detect substances that are present in
amounts below its detection limit (~5%) or substances that are absent from the reference
databases. No drug use is completely safe, and checking your drugs does not eliminate all